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SkinFrost - Silicone Ice Mold Face Massage

SkinFrost - Silicone Ice Mold Face Massage

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"The delivery was rather fast. I enjoy the process and have seen alot of results as described."


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For Smooth And Glass-Like Skin

🧊 Get smooth and glass-like skin with our handy SkinFrost ice cup massager! It gives you the perfect little handle to hold on to, so you can give your face a nice and relaxing ice treatment without freezing your hands.

❄️ With its pod-like design, the SkinFrost can be filled with water and popped in the freezer to mold the ice. Once frozen, simply take the cover out and start swiping the SkinFrost on your face to start off your daily skin routine.

💡 Key Benefits:

Convenient design - Say goodbye to the inconvenience of holding onto ice with your bare hands. The SkinFrost gives you a thick barrier between your fingers and the ice, making icing your face so much more enjoyable.

👌 Clean and sanitary - Keep your skincare routine sanitary and your face