TeeTween Launching Its First Subscription Box:

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Tee Tween, a fun subscription box that is the brainchild of 11-year old fifth grader Megan, is launching its first quarterly subscription box. The box, which was created through the imagination of Megan with help from her parents during the quarantine, provides great gift ideas for pre-tweens, tweens, teens, as well as their parents and grandparents. 


“We aim to bring you unique graphic tees each quarter for your tween, along with various items they will enjoy, “said Megan’s mother Becky.

“The subscription box will have trendy items, hand-selected age-appropriate products and popular tween and teen-friendly accessories,” said Megan.

 With the first quarterly subscription box expected to be launched in November this year, the mother-daughter team says they are thrilled for their new venture to kick off, hoping that it will bring the same excitement to the tweens and teens who receive the hand-picked gift boxes.

Megan not only creates the box but also does her due diligence and approves every item before they ship it out. 

“She comes up with the concepts for every package. Who better than a fellow tween to understand what kids really want?” said Becky, adding that the subscription box is delivered to every subscriber’s doorstep.

Each box will have the TeeTween featured t-shirt for that quarter. “We’re excited to announce we’ll be adding tween-approved items like personal hygiene staples, decor, homeware, accessories, collectibles, and more!” said Megan, as she encouraged other tweens to subscribe.

The self-designed tee, along with must-have trending accessories, are products that tweens will enjoy and will be useful in the daily life of a tween or teen, and even some pre-tweens.


As for the cost of the box’s contents, Becky says that every quarter, they select new surprises for subscribed TeeTweens, and while not all of the items may be the same; they make sure every box has a retail value of at least $60. 

“Our hand-selected items are waiting to find their new homes,” said Megan when urging the tweens to check out their shipping schedule at the website. Tweens are urged to place their orders before the deadlines to be included in the next TeeTween release.

For any questions, tweens or their parents can email


About TeeTween

TeeTween is a family-run business with a simple goal of providing fun subscription boxes that will put a smile on any tween’s face. It is the brainchild of Megan, an 11-year old fifth grader, who put it together with help of her mom Becky, an experienced entrepreneur and a full-time supply chain professional. With the new fun subscription box, all pre-tweens (age 8-10), tweens (age 11-12), and teens (age 13-18) can enjoy receiving great products every quarter.


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  • Start your subscription today!

    Our hand-selected items are waiting to find their new homes. 

    Check out our shipping schedule below for the following year. 

    Be sure to place your order before the deadline to receive the next quarterly box from TeeTween.

    Important dates to remember. 

    We'll be shipping our boxes approximately 10-14 days after the last order date below dates:

    **We are delaying our initial box to ship during Quarter 1 of 2021**

    Spring Box - Feb 15

    Summer Box - May 15

    Fall Box - Aug 15

    Winter Box - Nov 15