1. Is the TeeTween box for boys or girls?


  1. What other items will come in my subscription box?

First, every box you receive will have our featured T-Shirt for that quarter. We’re excited to announce we’ll be adding tween-approved items like personal hygiene stapes, decor, homeware, accessories, collectibles, and more!

  1. Can I just buy a T-shirt?

Absolutely! You can add-on one of our unique tees for parents, friends, and siblings. Whether you want to match, or another T-shirt is calling your name, users can buy our shirts separately.

  1. How do you decide which products go in the box?

That’s Megan’s job! Everything we send out has been hand-selected by her. We pay close attention to only sourcing high-quality items to put in our boxes.

  1. How much is the box worth?

Every quarter we select new surprises for our TeeTweens. While not all of the items may be the same, we make sure every box has a retail value of at least $60.

  1. Can I return the box?

No, subscriptions are not eligible for return. If you receive anything damaged, please refer to our Teetween, LLC Return, Exchange, and Refund Policy.