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CrocBeam™️ - Croc Headlights

CrocBeam™️ - Croc Headlights

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Brighten Up Your Path With This Unique Crocs Accessory

Use the CrocBeam™️ to walk with confidence especially during the night. There's no need to part with your comfy Crocs each time you want to go on your nightly walk.

The handy CrocBeam™️ attaches securely on your Crocs, giving you instant headlights when it gets dark out. To make things better, the CrocBeam™️ comes with 3 lighting modes to match your needs.

Key Benefits

Ultra Bright LED - Even with its jibbitz-sized body, the CrocBeam™️ gives out a powerful beam of light. This way, you can feel safe and secure when walking through the night.

Perfect Fit - The CrocBeam™️ perfect mounts onto your Crocs and won't budge even when you run or jog. In fact, you can attach it to any hole on the surface of your Crocs.

Various Modes - Our amazing CrocBeam™️ lights up in 3 different modes: Constant light, fast frequency flashing, and slow frequency flashing. This way, you can be seen by moving vehicles or bikers when walking down the street.

Waterproof Light - Wear your CrocBeam™️ -filled Crocs when it rains or shines. The CrocBeam™️ has a waterproof casing that protects it from all weather conditions.